What we can offer the board?
1. To give more power to your health!
2. To have privacy, quiet, picturesque landscape!
3. Nature to be around you!
We, the owners of Guesthouse RouaDeMunte from Baile Heculane, can provide all these facilities, grouped in one location and by simple accommodation in our pension.
The Guesthouse RouaDeMunte is endowed with 7 rooms, 3 rooms with double beds and 4 with twin beds, all equipped and furnished according to the classification of 3***.
To check these features please visit our website, to convince yourself of our hospitality and if you really want to be our guest.
What you can do in hostel activities, the resort and surrounding Herculane Spa?
1. Sports: What’s that will make moving out of the mountain routes that detailed below, the pension RouaDeMunte can offer: game for table tennis, table tennis-foot, badminton, darts, volleyball, swimming (during summer), and playground for your children.
2. Traditional menu: If you wish to serve a meal, drink alcohol or soft, we are available to restaurant, bar and terrace in front and the court of the pension.
3. Barbecue and gazebo: In season, that after September 15 we provide for the management of its own, tower, grill in the courtyard of the guesthouse of approximately 800 square meters;
4. All health: For those who need treatment, we can offer specialist treatment in the immediate vicinity.
Therapeutic Indications: Diseases of the locomotive system, degenerative rheumatic joints, inflammatory pains, sequelae after trauma of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system disorders, paresis, paralysis, chronic respiratory diseases, bronchitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, asthma, gynecological chronic diabetes, heavy metal poisoning, digestive disorders, eye diseases, overweight syndrome.
Types of procedures: hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, massage, functional rehabilitation, Physical Education, medical, acupuncture.

What are the opportunities of interest?
From the guesthouse you can make excursions to:
– Ruins of Roman baths;
– Pestera Hotilor (Cave Outlaws);
– Steam Cave;
– White Cross;
– Tower red, green and yellow;
– Cruise boat or ship in Orsova from here you can see ,,boilers large and small” and face of Decebal (a great leader of dacs);
– Monastery Saint Ana and Mraconia;
– Water mills (22 in number) from Eftimie Murgu;
– Nera Gorge;

Accommodation at the Guesthouse RouaDeMunte offer conditions of 3 stars and offers an oasis of tranquility, privacy and relaxation you need at any time of year.
Accommodation at the Guesthouse RouaDeMunte can be done at any time of year.
We offer accommodation to European standard.
Thank you for visiting our site and you’re welcome to join in your Guesthouse like a friend!

Want to spend a holiday at Herculane Spa?
Guesthouse ,,RouaDeMunte” from Herculane Spa make your wish a reality!
RATES for 2009: From 80lei(20Euro)/room/2 person – in extra season and in season 120 lei/(30 Euro)/room/2 person
It can pay and holiday vouchers (only Romania)
Resort fee 1.00 Euro / room regardless of period of stay.

Pictures with opportunities of interest you can find right here: RouaDeMunte pension.

Call us: +4-0255.561.561
Fax us: +4-0355.810.512

Mobile phones: +4-0723.425.858

E-mail us: office@rouademunte.ro

Yahoo! Messenger ID: tudor662003
Skype ID: xtudorica

Web site: rouademunte.ro

Exterior Roua de Munte ziua Exterior Roua de Munte noaptea
Exteriour of Roua de Munte by daylight Exteriour of Roua de Munte by night
Teren fotbal Roua de Munte Imagine aeriana pensiunea Roua de Munte
Surroundings Aerial view
Curtea si Piscina de la Pensiunea RouaDeMunte Poze din curte
Pool view Courtyard
Casa scarii

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